Battery Notifier Pro BT 2.5.8


Battery Notifier Pro BT, a pro version of Battery Notifier (Big Text), makes it easy to monitor your battery indicator levels with large colored text in the status bar, with additional icon options and alarm notification features requested by users.

* NEW - Shows 1% battery percent levels on Motorola devices (Android 2.2 and above)
* Three fonts - LcdD, Arial Narrow and MingLiU
* Custom color options display the colors you want at the levels you want
* Over twelve additional icon sets available to download for even more status bar options
* Quiet hours (Mute alarms during certain hours)
* Mute alerts (Postpone alarms until you want to hear them)
* Repeat intervals for low AND full battery alarms
* Quick access to Battery Use, Battery Info and Battery History via Menu
* Battery temperature/health displays on the Dashboard
* Choose a custom full charge notification percentage from 70% to 100%
* Temperature/Voltage and "unplugged/plugged since" info in notification area
* Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
* Choice of "smiley with sunglasses" or standard battery icon for full charge notification
* Addons and battery menu options Honeycomb compatible

If you like Battery Notifier (Big Text), please support the developers by downloading this version. :-)

NOTE FOR MOTOROLA USERS: With the release of 1.4.7 our 1% "fix" for Motorola devices is now out. Under "Advanced" Motorola users now have an additional option in the menu "1% increment fix" which only appears on Motorola devices. With this option checked (on by default) Motorola devices which previously displayed battery levels in 10% increments, now update every 1%. It has been tested successfully for the Droid and the Atrix, and should work for other Motorola phones such as the Photon.

IMPORTANT: The fix is intended for users who are use a STANDARD battery which comes from Motorola. If you use an extended battery from Motorola, your battery level readings with the fix may not be accurate. We also recommend against using third-party batteries.

NOTE: Owners of some Motorola devices such as the Xoom tablet, for which the 1% fix is not needed, should uncheck the 1% option for correct operation.

If you have any questions or suggestions for future updates, e-mail us at

Built-in customizable text color levels:
Green:(Default)100-0, Blue:100-0, Orange:50-0, Red:50-0
If colors compete for the same levels, they take precedence in this order: 1) Red 2) Orange 3) Blue 4) Green In other words, red overrides all other colors, orange overrides blue and green, and blue overrides green.

Many tests were run with the paid version of SystemPanel to determine the effect Battery Notifier Pro BT had on the battery. The device was left alone and with the display kept on. In all tests run Battery Notifier Pro BT was consistently at or near the bottom in terms of CPU use. In other words, this app will NOT drain your battery!

NOTE: A2SD (SD card support) functionality is not possible due to necessary background service. But there is no limitation to use A2SD+ (ext partition on rooted phones).

IMPORTANT: Updating to version 1.4.7 from version 1.3.1 or 1.3.0, version 1.4.7 may require an uninstall and reinstall on your device. Previous settings will be lost. This was necessary to enable users to use additional features through addons.

If you have a problem with 1.4.7, e-mail us at If you just leave a negative comment, we have no way to try and resolve your problem. Thanks.

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